For schedule please open the link or contact us for more information:
ieva@salsasisters.lt or elena@salsasisters.lt
Ph.: +370 682 78 474


1 class (1 hour) 8,00 EUR
Month (8 classes) 45 EUR
Month with student discount 40 EUR.
Month for any 2 groups 65 EUR
Month for any 2 groups with student discount 60 EUR
Full Pass for 1 month 75 EUR
Private lesson: 35 EUR for a person, 45 for couple


All classes are held at VRM Kultūros rūmai. Address: Žirmūnų g. 1 e, Vilnius.


SalsaSisters is Lithuania’s premier salsa dance school, created and run with passion, dedication and flair by sisters Elena and Ieva.

The sisters fell madly in love with salsa in 2004. They tried all the different salsa dance styles, travelling around the world and learning from the best teachers from Europe and USA. Then in 2005 they decided to share what they had learned and spread their passion for this most sensual and beautiful of dances. So they launched SalsaSisters, the first and without doubt still the most progressive NY/LA-style salsa school in Lithuania.

Feeding off each other as only two sisters can, they bring dynamisim, intimacy, creativity and humour to their classes in a way that you simply have to experience for yourself in order to fully understand.

As well as salsa clases, the sisters organize immensely popular salsa parties and many other events during the year, notably the Lithuanian Salsa Festival which they launched in 2007. The 6th Salsa Festival in 2012 will see the best international teachers, who are invited to all biggest salsa events in the world, come to Vilnius for the SalsaSisters’ latest salsa extravaganza.

SalsaSisters parties differ from other salsa parties in that only very well selected, pure salsa music is played by dj Weedska. SalsaSisters believe that salsa is all about the music as well as the dance. It’s the inseparable combination of the two that generates the all-consuming passion and the unbounded joy, as well as the elegance and the beauty, which are at the very heart of salsa.

To learn salsa is a challenge which promises the greatest of rewards – the discovery of the perfect way to express yourself, without inhibitions. There is nothing that the two sisters love more than to help their students unlock their dancing talent, find their own passion for salsa and express themselves in way that they would never have believed possible. A love of salsa can bring almost limitless joy and it is a love which lasts forever.